Mold Damage

Mold simply requires moisture to grow. Florida’s humid climate is the perfect environment for mold not only to grow, but thrive. This can really be a problem for homeowners and property owners in general, especially during hurricane season. Dark and damp corners as well as surrounding areas are areas vulnerable to mold growth, as well as any water damaged or flood damaged areas. If your property has been damaged by water or flood damage avoid encouraging mold growth and mold damages by mitigating the damages. Call us now at (305) 542-5999 to schedule a free inspection and receive assistance in mitigating damages, filing a mold damage claim, getting in contact with mold damage experts and other experts who offer services relevant to your claim. If you have a mold related emergency, call us now at (305) 542-5999 Mold Damage Tips.

One of the first steps in mold remediation is to contact a mold testing company. Consult with a mold testing service in Miami first to find our if you have mold.

Early action is the number one defense against mold damages as mold can pose a health threat to infants and those sensitive to infection. Symptoms can include irritated nasal passage, throat, eyes, skin, and gums. In favorable conditions Mold will begin to grow within 24 hours and spreads through spores which get circulated with air conditioning units. Call us as soon as you have detected mold on your property, or if you have experienced recent water or flood damage.

Mold Damage insurance claim needed to be filed when the following appear :

  • Ceiling damage
  • Water heater bursts
  • Broken drain lines
  • Mold damage 
  • Broken angle stops
  • A/C Unit leaking

Some of the mold can impact your furniture including upholstery and other furniture items. for more information regarding mold damage call Florida Public Adjusting today.