Residential & Commercial Property Insurance Claims

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Call Florida Public Adjusting and have a full inspection and evaluation of all the damages at no cost. Our public adjusters are fluent in residential and commercial insurance policy language, and we understand what you are truly covered for by your insurance company.

We Negotiate On Your Behalf

Our public adjusters deal directly with your insurance company, relieving you of their persistent demands. Your insurance company will send an adjuster representing them, assure you have an adjuster representing you.

Receive a Check For the Claim

Get paid the full amount you deserve, with Florida Public Adjusting you receive the highest compensation for your insurance claim as quickly as possible. Allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Residential Claims

It is important to contact us at the as soon as possible in order to secure the highest settlement for your claim. Early communication helps mitigate any further damages to your property. Unmitigated damages may invalidate your claim. Due to insurance company time sensitive demands, early action is optimal.
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Commercial Claims

Florida Public Adjusting connects you with the right professionals, solving your claim problems as soon as possible. Although claims can be varied and unique, Florida Public Adjusting handles all claims, big or small. Our top priority is facilitating your return to a normal business flow.
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Business Interruption

When faced with a property loss at your place of business recovering your loss of income can be tricky. At Florida Public Adjusting we have the tools and the experts to speed the process of your business interruption claim.
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Condo & Homeowner Association Claims

When homeowners or condo associations suffer a property loss, adjusting the loss has to be documented with fine detail. See how Florida Public Adjusting can help you with your property insurance claim.
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Income Loss

If you’re a business owner and don’t have loss of ​income insurance​, you’re putting yourself – and your business – at risk. Unfortunately, life happens and you don’t want to put your business at risk.
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Denied Claims

Has your insurance claim recently been denied? If so, you may find it interesting that out of all denied insurance claims, only 1% of policyholders request that their claims be re-evaluated.
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Got Damage

We only get paid if you get paid!

- File a new claim.
- Re-open your underpaid claim.
- Re-open your denied claim.
- File a supplemental claim.

Florida Public Adjusting is here to help you, Contact us for a free insepction.

Florida Public Adjusting Claims

Public Adjuster Miami

Flood Damage

Flood damage can devastate a property, and is generally one of the most costly damage types a property owner will face. A flood is loosely

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Public Adjuster Miami

Fire Damage

Fire damage claims range from small scale fires such as kitchen fires to entirely burned down structures or worse. It’s not a simple task to

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Hurricane Claims Public Adjuster Miami

Hurricane and Windstorm Damage

Tropical windstorms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricane and floods, in Florida you’re bound to run into mother nature’s fury. It’s a well-known fact that Florida’s tropical climate

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