Income Loss

Safeguard Your Business Today Against Potential Disasters Tomorrow. You’ve put your blood, your sweat and your tears into your business. It’s your project baby. You’re proud of it. It provides for you and the employees who work tirelessly for you to keep the doors open.But what happens if there’s a structural fire in the building? Or a tornado rips through your town? Or your building floods? Or the roof caves in during a hurricane? What happens to your business if you can no longer operate for a certain period of time? What happens to your employees? You need a Public adjuster in Miami! A Public adjuster the know the Miami area well.

Below are some issues you should pay close attention to.

Planning for the Unexpected

Planning for the future can be downright overwhelming, and even more so when you’re planning about disaster striking. But if you haven’t sat down and come up with a contingency plan yet, you’re playing a dangerous game of roulette with the future of your business.

If the thought of your business being so exposed has left you feeling a little queasy, the good news is that planning for these types of less than ideal circumstances isn’t near as monumental of a task as you think… if you have Loss of Business Income Insurance. Also known as Business Interruption Insurance, this type of insurance policy covers the loss of income your business would experience should disaster strike.

Loss of Business Income

Businesses can lose income from weather damage, vandalism, structural faults with the building or simply because the municipality digs up the road right in front of the office building/store/service station.

Whatever the cause, if a business doesn’t have sufficient reserves to see it through, is not insured or does not press its claim against the insurance company hard enough, the end result is typically that the business closes and employees are thrown out of work.  Public Adjusters play a major role in making sure that doesn’t happen to business owners who had the foresight to insure themselves against such eventualities. Usually, the fact that there has been a loss of income is not in question – what causes disputes between the insurer and the insured is: The extent of the loss AND How long it goes on for