Claims Process

Safety & Mitigation Safety should be the top priority when responding to damages. Damages sometimes create dangerous environments due to malfunctions and leaks. However, you should do everything in your power to mitigate damages while still remaining safe. If the area has become unsafe, call the appropriate authorities or professionals such as the Fire Rescue, or Police Department. Florida Public Adjusting can put you in contact with our network of experts including general contractors, engineers, roofers, electricians, plumbers, mold inspectors, leak detectors and water restoration companies to name a few.

Once you have taken all actions to mitigate damages, it is crucial to keep all documentation related to the damages including pictures, repair invoices, mitigation invoices, and related receipts.

2. Claim Inspection and Evaluation Call Florida Public Adjuster and have a full inspection and evaluation of all the damages at no cost. Allow our experience to clarify the extent of your coverage. Our public adjusters are fluent in home insurance policy language and understand what you are truly covered for by your insurance company.

3. The DICE Pages – Claim Verification Once you have taken all actions to mitigate damages, the next step is verifying that the damages you have suffered are covered by your policy.

Check the DICE pages of your insurance policy. DICE stands for, respectively, the following:

  • Declarations page
  • Insuring Agreement page
  • Conditions page
  • Exclusions page

Filing the Claim & Time Pressures. Early mitigation of damages helps secure the highest settlement for your damages. Call Florida Public Adjusting and set up a free inspection to assess the damage at the location as soon as possible. We inspect the scene, document and detail all damages, find the source(s) of damage(s), and file a claim. Our experts are up to date with the technicalities that dictate your compensation, from the details given over the phone, to proper mitigation of damages. 5. Visits from the Insurance Company’s Adjuster In the same spirit that we represent you, insurance companies have their own adjusters that come, take their own photos of the damage, write up their own reports, and an estimate for the property damage.

Insurance companies have their own adjusters who serve their needs and interests, all the more reason you are better off with Florida Public Adjusting than going it alone. All of the details gathered, from conversations with property owners, to details that are often overlooked by the inexperienced serve to withhold your compensation. Allow our experts to work on and take care of your claim. 6. Payment When you receive the first payment of your settlement, be weary of any documents that ask you to sign away rights such as filing supplemental claims in case of unsatisfactory payment. Payment does not mean your compensation is over and done with. 7.

Supplemental Claims Simply because you have received payment does not mean you have to settle. If you find your payment unsatisfactory for the damages suffered, let us re-open the claim and request additional compensation delivered in a timely fashion.

Call us now (305) 542-5999 now to schedule your free inspection and remember: If you don’t get paid, neither do we.