Public Adjuster – All what you need to know

A public adjuster is a licensed professional who specializes in filing insurance claims on behalf of their clients. They will help you manage every aspect of said claim, walking through their clients in every step of the process. What sets these professionals apart from other types of adjusters is that they can legally represent the policyholder in the duration of the process claims.

Public adjuster

To better understand the roles of a pubic adjuster, let’s break down the meaning of their title. 


Public because they represent the general public in their advocacy, instead of representing insurance companies. 

Adjuster because they investigate, inspect, and adjust insurance claims based on the extent of the damages that they have appraised.  


Coined together, this then means that public adjusters are representatives of policyholders who will inspect and advocate a fair settlement for their claims. 

By and large, public adjusters work on a percentage basis so you can depend on them to work in your best interest. 

The Role of Public Adjusters

By now, you should already have a pretty good idea as to what a public adjuster is. Let’s take a deeper dive into how they can assist you in your insurance claims in this section. 

The role of a public adjuster can be summed up into three general ways. 


  1. A public adjuster will make sure that you get a fair settlement

Not to paint insurance companies in the wrong here, but they are understandably, looking to gain profit out of their business. And so, they will try to get away with paying less than what can be owed to their clientele. This is how the insurance industry has worked, and this is how they will continue to operate in the unforeseeable future. 

In their campaign, they will hire their own adjusters (aptly named insurance company adjusters) who will look out for their best interests, 

On the other hand, you can hire your own public adjuster to give your claim a fighting chance in the name of fairness and balance. Said public adjuster will be able to advocate for your needs and help you maximize the amount of money that is due to you. 

In most cases, it is statistically supported that those who have hired public adjusters have been more likely to increase the final amount of their payouts from their insurance companies. 


  1. A public adjuster will act as your liaison between you and your insurance company

A public adjuster will help you gather all pieces of evidence of the extent of your damage and present a solid case for you to the insurance company.  


Once they have done so, and after the insurance company has offered their payout amount, they will begin negotiating for the best possible amount that you can take homed. 

They will not only compile all of the paperwork and process all of the requirements, but they will also argue for your maximized payout. Some of the data that they will secure are doctor reports, police reports, witness interviews, and so much more. 


  1. A public adjuster will mitigate the stress from insurance claims

On top of the loss or damage that you have suffered, the last thing that you need is to face the stress of the constant back and forth between you and your insurance company. This is where a public adjuster can help you with also. 

Instead of you needing to constantly run around to comply with all of the requirements to present to your insurance company, a public adjuster can handle these for you. This way, you won’t have to go through all the red tapes and bureaucracy that often come with these insurance claims.

Right now, this may sound like an additional cost that you might think you won’t need-but trust us, you’ll be glad you hired your own public adjuster when the time comes. 

When to hire a public adjuster

Whether you’re dealing with damages from fire, flood, storm, or hurricane, you can hire public adjuster Miami to help you settle your insurance claims. 

They will be especially useful if:


  1. You need to complete your requirements to make your claim

We understand just how difficult it is to navigate insurance claims, this is why it’s important to have public adjuster Florida to help you handle the settlement requirements. 

  1. You don’t fully understand the inclusions in your policy

Public adjusters will help you understand your policy, including its provisions and clauses. 

  1. You don’t have the time to process your insurance claims yourself

Between your job and managing the stress that the damages may have brought you, a public adjuster is just what you need to take the load off your shoulders. They will help you establish your strategy in presenting your claim as well as do the legwork for you whenever possible. They will offer you their expertise to reduce the hassle that the insurance claims process is sure to come with.