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Leveling the Playing Field: How a Public Adjuster Can Help You Navigate A Managed Repair Program

Many homeowners insurance policies feature a program called the managed repair program (also known as the right-to-repair). It is essentially a program that removes your power of being able to choose who repairs your home. This power gets shifted off to your Insurance carrier who then determines everything about your repair. In today’s article, we will talk all about managed repair programs and how you can expect them to impact you. We will also go over how a public adjuster is vital to make sure your home is repaired the right way.

What Is a Managed Repair Program?

A managed repair program is a type of insurance program offered by some insurance companies that helps policyholders manage the repair process after they experience damage to their property.
Under a Managed Repair Program, the insurance company takes an active role in coordinating and overseeing the repair process, often by working with a network of approved repair vendors.
When a policyholder experiences damage covered by their insurance policy, they typically report the claim to their insurance company. If the policy includes a Managed Repair Program, the insurer may choose to use the managed repair program to be the best way to get the property restored.
While Managed Repair Programs can be beneficial in terms of convenience and efficiency, policyholders lose control over who repairs their property as well as they don’t manage the actual repair process. It’s important for policyholders to review their insurance policy and understand the terms and conditions of any Managed Repair Program that may be included.

Concerns About Using a Managed Repair Program

In theory Managed Repair Programs are a great way to get your repairs done by offering convenience and simplicity throughout the repair process. However, there are some concerns that you should be aware of when your Insurance presents this as an option:
  • Limited repair vendor options- Insurance companies offering Managed Repair Programs often have a network of preferred repair vendors that they work with. This means you can’t choose who you would like to repair the home and you’ll have limited options when it comes to choosing a repair vendor.
  • Quality of repairs- There may be concerns about the quality of repairs under a Managed Repair Program. It’s possible that the repair vendor chosen by the insurance company may prioritize cost-cutting over the quality of the repair work.
  • Lack of control– Using a Managed Repair Program means that the insurance company is in control of the repair process, and the contractor is responsible to the insurance company not hte homeowner. Many homeowners prefer to have more input into the repair process, such as choosing their own repair vendor or overseeing the repair work themselves.
  • Limited coverage- Some insurance policies may limit coverage for repairs made under a Managed Repair Program. Policyholders should review their policy carefully to ensure that they understand the coverage and limitations of the program.
  • Inadequate repairs- There is a possibility that the repairs made under a Managed Repair Program may not fully address the damage or that the repair work may not be completed to the satisfaction of the homeowner. In such cases, you would need to file a complaint with the insurance company or pursue legal action to resolve the issue.


How Can A Public Adjuster Help Manage Your Claim?

Here are some ways a public adjuster can assist with a managed repair claim:
  1. Advocating for the homeowner- A public adjuster can act as an advocate for the homeowner, making sure that their interests are represented throughout the managed repair process.
  2. Reviewing the insurer’s estimate- The public adjuster can review the insurer’s estimate for the repairs to ensure that it is accurate and covers all necessary repairs.
  3. Identifying hidden damages- A public adjuster can identify any hidden damages that may not have been included in the initial estimate, but need to be repaired to fully restore the property.
  4. Negotiating with the insurer- The public adjuster can negotiate with the insurer on behalf of the homeowner to ensure that the managed repair process proceeds smoothly and that the homeowner receives fair compensation for their damages.
  5. Overseeing the repair process- The public adjuster can also oversee the repair process to make sure that the repairs are done correctly and that the work meets the standards outlined in the policy.
Overall, a public adjuster can be a valuable asset to a homeowner dealing with a managed repair claim, helping to ensure that they receive the full benefits they are entitled to under their insurance policy.

When Can You Get Help? 

Of course, we always tell clients the earlier you contact us the better. It helps to be involved in the process from the beginning to assure you get the best care all the way through your claim. However, that isn’t the case for everyone. Some will try to go through the process on their own first before contacting us.
You can honestly contact us at any time to help during the process. We have helped clients who are just getting started with the claim all the way to clients who have been fighting with their insurance company for two years. All that matters is getting the help you deserve.


Dealing with the aftermath of property damage can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for homeowners, especially when navigating a managed repair claim. However, by including a public adjuster in the process, you can feel empowered and supported during an otherwise very difficult time in your life.
Including a public adjuster in a managed repair claim can honestly make all the difference when dealing with a broken, ruined, or possibly unlivable home. By acting as an advocate, reviewing estimates, identifying hidden damages, negotiating with insurers, and overseeing repairs, public adjusters provide invaluable support during stressful and confusing times. With a public adjuster on your side, you can feel empowered to navigate the managed repair process, reclaim your peace of mind, and restore your home.