Hurricane Dorian insurance claim – What you need to know.

Hurricane Dorian became a category 3 hurricane on August 28th. It was 

 moving through the Caribbean and is expected to bring heavy rains to the Bahamas, Miami and South Florida.

Here is what you need to know in terms of home insurance coverage and potentially Hurricane Insurance claims as a result of Hurricane Dorian.

3 questions you wanted to ask :

  1. What is my deductible according to my insurance policy?
  2. Am I covered for replacement value?
  3. Am I covered for flood or Hurricane Damage? 

Florida Public Adjusting can assist with all type of insurance claims both commercial and residential types of claims. Hurricane and flood damage are really sensitive claims and this is why you want to have someone on your side.

For more information regarding Hurricane Dorian and how to handle insurance claims – please contact Florida Public Adjusting. if you are having trouble or have questions about your insurance coverage, Call Us at 305-542-5999

Hurricane Dorian