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Flood Damage

Flood Damage - FLAPAFlood damage can devastate a property, and is generally one of the most costly damage types a property owner will face. A flood is loosely defined as “an excess of rising water on land that is normally dry.” The most common causes of flood that can damage a property include:

  • Heavy rains
  • Thawing snow
  • Storm Surges
  • Flash flooding
  • Broken Levees
  • Overflowing Rivers

Although the causes are different, flood damage essentially results in water damage, which is covered on our water damage claim page. Flood damage can result in many thousands of dollars in losses for a property owner, so it’s important to take action immediately to begin the recovery process.

The First Steps to Take 

Among the first things you should do when flood strikes is to ensure everyone’s safety. Next, it’s important to take photos or video of your property damage and salvage what you can of your belongings. Then, it’s critical that you contact a Florida public adjuster, such as FLAPA, to perform an immediate, on-site inspection.

From this point on, your Florida public adjuster will assist in the filing of your insurance claim. Flood insurance claims can be time-consuming and complicated, and a Florida public adjuster will help you navigate through the entire process without the typical hassles and worries you would face when going up against the insurance company by yourself.

Why You Need a Florida Public Adjuster

If you have an active flood claim, chances are so do many other property owners in your area. The insurance company is facing many potentially large payouts, so trust that when their adjusters do their damage assessment, they’ll err on the side of saving the insurance company money.

Since a Florida public adjuster, like FLAPA, is hired by you, the property owner, they work exclusively with your interests in mind which is gaining the maximum compensation needed for your property damage repair. They’re experienced and knowledgeable, and they know how to go to bat for you when dealing with insurance companies and their own adjusters who pay out as little as they can get away with.

Why You Should Choose FLAPA

Simply put, when dealing with a costly flood damage claim, it’s a mistake to try to go it alone against insurance company experts thoroughly familiar with the flood damage claim process. On the other hand, a NAPIA-certified Florida public adjuster like FLAPA has dealt with hundreds, if not thousands of flood claims. We know exactly how to ensure that the insurance company pays every dime you are entitled to as the property owner and policyholder. 

You’re most likely overwhelmed and stressed from the effect of the flood; don’t stress yourself even more by haggling with insurance company adjusters for what’s rightfully yours. Contact FLAPA to act on your behalf instead, and let us help you get your deserved payout, so you can get your life back on track.

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