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Water damage claim Miami: Tips for your Insurance Claim

water damage claim in Miami

We know that claiming policy insurance due to water damage is a long and tedious process. Thus, we make sure that a broken pipe or faulty refrigerator lines are not taken for granted, as they are the considered to be among the common cause of water damage. in this article we gathered all the tips if your property has a water damage claim here in Miami.

However, living in Miami also brings extreme circumstances that we cannot control, like being hit by a hurricane and the freezing winter weather, which causes some things in our homes to be out of order leading to a water damage claim in Miami.

Some water damages can be a result of an AC Leak, Ac repair in miami can prevent future damages to your property, but if water damages were not fixed on time the damage can be significant.

Here are 8 tips on how your policy insurance for water damage could be easily claimed in Miami.

1. Familiarize yourself with your insurance policy

It is good to read and get yourself familiar with your insurance policy and be informed of the policy’s coverage and dollar limit.

2. Protect your home from further damage

There are insurance companies who would refuse to cover any additional damage, so temporary repairs, like stopping the leak or putting away wet rugs and carpets in a secured area, is important to prevent further damage.  Write down the costs that you have incurred and kept all the receipts so that you can ask for some reimbursements from your insurance company.

3. Document the before and after the condition of the damaged item

Take photos or videos of the damaged areas or properties. Modern gadgets, like smartphones, can be used to document the dates when they are still undamaged and the dates when they started to get broken.

4. Report damages immediately to your insurance company

If temporary repairs can no longer be done, then it is time to file an insurance claim. Do not delay the reporting to prevent further damage to occur.

5. Let the insurance company make estimate costs

Do not say anything if they ask you to make an estimated cost of the damage, as this can backfire to you when the insurance company made their assessments.

6. Write everything down on paper

Keep track of the progress of your insurance claim. Write down the details of every emails, letters and phone calls that were sent and received until an agreement has been reached.

7. Store the damaged items in sealed paper

No matter how severely damaged, do not throw a broken item away. If possible, keep it in a sealed plastic and store it until you reach a settlement with your insurance company.

8. Hire your own public adjuster

A licensed insurance adjuster can help you get settled and claim more money from your insurance claim.

So what are you waiting for? Go over your insurance policy now or start hiring an insurance public adjuster Miami and file that insurance claim, now!

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water damage claim in Miami