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Water Damage Claim – Everything You Need to Know About It

Water Damage Claims, Insurance Claim

Water Damage Claim – Everything You Need to Know About It

In case you didn’t know, water damage is among the common causes of home insurance claims. Water damage claim, in essence, is a response built by insurers to battle extreme weather. And since its inception, insurers have made changes to their policies to adjust accordingly. They significantly reduced coverage and even raised deductibles, though the latter is meant for sewer backups in some cases. There is also coverage for what is now known as overland water. This refers to the water caused by heavy rainstorms or, in one way or another, lakes and rivers that overflow.

Types of Water Damage Claims

Although there are a number of water damages that may either be covered or excluded, depending on a certain home policy, some of the common ones are as follow:

  • Flood
  • Overflow
  • Sewer backup or water backup
  • Storm-related water damage
  • Sudden or accidental discharge

Water Damage Claim – What is Covered?

It is very important that you truly understand the coverage of your water damage insurance claim. Here are some of the common questions people ask from time to time about the said insurance:

  • Is a simple water leak already covered?
  • How about a leaking toilet?
  • Is water damage coming from a leaking roof also covered?

Apparently, the answer to the aforementioned questions is “covered,” and it does not really depend on the very source of the damage. Also, the coverage of water damage claim, contrary to popular belief, does not consider the type of policy you currently have. The same thing can be said in the event that water damage is accidental, gradual, or even sudden.

Gradual damage, in particular, refers to an event where damage happens slowly over time, and thus causes damage to your home. For insurers, this type of damage is deemed a common problem. An epitome is when the paint starts to chip off your wall. It does not necessarily become big, as it starts with a small chip. Eventually, however, half of the wall is uncovered.

Examples of Water Damage & how to handle Water Damage Claim :

It holds true that most, if not all, homes are packed with nooks and crannies, electrical wirings, and pipes, among others. While homes are of complex structures, what you really see are the inside walls, the contents, and the decorations. But underneath it is layers after layers of activity, which all make your home run. And without proper maintenance and/or regular inspection, anything could go wrong. Worse, you will never see it coming. That is when you try and make a water damage insurance claim. Keep in mind, however, that if the damage is neither accident nor sudden and is rather a result of a long-standing problem, then it is very likely for you to face problems claiming.

Below are some examples of gradual damage that causes either loss or denied claims:

  • Broken electrical wiring
  • Corrosion, mold, or rot
  • Deteriorating parts, flashing, or shingles on the roof which indicate signs of much-needed repair.
  • Plumbing or pipes leaking that causes damage to the ceilings, floors, or walls.
  • Water damage caused by seepage that comes from cracks in the home’s foundation.

In any type of Water Leak, or a need for a leak detection company

First you can contact a Public Adjuster who evaluate your damage and than he can contact Leak Detection Specialists.

Water Damage Claim

Benefits of Hiring a P ublic Adjuster

By now you should have known that an insurance company will employ an adjuster to work on its behalf. These adjusters are both trained and paid directly by your insurance company. The only catch, though, is that they do not have your best interest in mind. They solely care about the insurance company’s. After all, insurers do not make money when paying claims.

This is where a public adjuster can really help you big time. For starters, he can do wonders with your water damage insurance claim, allowing you to receive a much higher payout. And the difference is quite significant compared to handling the claim on your own. Also, hiring such gives you the chance to pivot from stress and avoid mistakes. That is because someone who knows how the insurance industry runs is working on your behalf. And if you are worried about denied claims, do not be. A public adjuster understands the labyrinth of re-opening denied claims. Furthermore, hiring this type of adjuster means faster payout. Claims with PA – be it small or big – tend to move a little bit faster to a settlement.

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