Residential & Commercial Property Insurance Claims

The Role of an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Insurance Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster is someone who investigates claims that are under an insurance policy. This can involve any sort of claim, including property damage and personal injury claims. When it comes to property damage claims, the primary role of the insurance claims adjuster is to perform a close investigation by inspecting the damages, speaking to the owners of the property, talking to witnesses if there are any, and reading police reports.

After the investigation is through, the adjuster will then make an assessment and determine the potential amount of compensation that the insurance company is supposed to pay to the insured. Most of the time, a claims adjuster will try to convince the policyholder to settle for less money than the actual worth of the claim.

Essentially, insurance claims adjusters work for the insurance company. It’s either they were hired to deal with particular claims, or they work directly for the insurance company. Either way, they have the company’s best interests in mind. This is the reason that a policyholder must also consider hiring his own independent claims adjuster. The policyholder’s insurance adjuster will do whatever it takes to minimize the loss.

It is important to note that insurance claims adjusters come in three types. There are staff adjusters, who were directly employed by the insurance company; independent adjusters, who are often hired also by the insurance company, and public adjusters, who are employed by the insured or policyholder.

Public adjusters typically receive a fee that’s only a portion of the settlement figure. This means that they normally do not get paid if the policyholder’s claim ends up being unsuccessful. The tasks that a public adjuster will do are the same as the tasks of the insurance company’s claims adjuster. The only difference is that the public adjuster will have the policyholder’s best interests in mind.

I Am A Policyholder. Should I Hire My Own Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Well, this pretty much depends on your situation. However, it’s always a good idea to hire your own adjuster because it is the only way that you can compete with your insurance company. Once you have told your insurance provider that you have a claim, the company will send their own adjuster over your property in order to assess the damages.

Any incorrect information that you give will be relayed to the insurance company, and this can impact your claim in a negative way. Once this process begins, it can already be hard for you to hire your own insurance claims adjuster. So really, it is best to get the services of your own adjuster in the initial stages of your claim. However, hiring an adjuster at a later stage can still help you to re-negotiate and increase the settlement value.

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