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Hurricane Michael has left a tremendous Damage to the Gulf residents of Florida and mainly in Panama City.In the following Article brought by Merlin Law Group there are some key points of why it is required to hire a Public adjuster in Panama City before filing your insurance claim. 

If you are plan on filing an insurance claim as a result Hurricane Michael you want to call a Local Public adjuster in Panama City first 

Here are the most interesting details :

Florida Attorney General Candidate Sean Shaw and I collaborated and drafted language that made people making the values, numbers, scopes of loss or directly or indirectly, helping determine an insurance claim amount, have an attorney license or a public adjuster license. We wanted to better protect consumers and help stop allegations of or actual insurance fraud from occurring.” by chip Merlin – 

If you are working on Florida insurance claims and do not have a license, I think you could go to jail. If you are one of these people, I am not your attorney, and you should obtain a second opinion from somebody who is an attorney. The purpose of the bill was to prevent third-parties without a license from working and assisting on preparing the claim. How can I say otherwise, since I helped draft this? I would tell you to stop.”

Hurricane Michael Claim require a public adjuster license

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If your home or business property has been damaged by Hurricane Michael Call Florida Public Adjusting today.

Our Public Adjusters are present in Panama City and Mexico Beach and are here to help. 

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