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Business Interruption Claims During the Corona Virus Outbreak is an issue that thousands of business owners around Miami and South Florida should look into. At Florida Public Adjusting We understand the impact that the corona virus has had on your business.

What is Business Interruption Insurance? (also known as business income insurance) This is a type of policy that meant to cover the loss of income or business that a any type of company or business suffers after a disaster or major event.

What is covered by business interruption insurance?

This insurance policy should replace income lost in the event that business is halted for several events or reasons, such as a fire or a natural disaster. This type of insurance also covers operating expenses, a move to a temporary location if necessary, payroll, taxes, and loan payments.

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How to file a business interruption claim? In order to file an insurance claim that will compensate your business in an event of income loss or business shutdown as a result of an unexpected event, your insurance policy must have the right coverage. To learn more about your policy coverage and how you can file a claim for a business interruption call Florida Public Adjusting today. Hiring a Public Adjuster is crucial in order to fully understand your rights in cases like this when your business is shutting down.

The team of experts at Florida Public Adjusting is helping clients during the COVID 19 outbreak with virtual inspection, Virtual consultation and any form that can support our South Florida residents.

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