Public Adjuster Aventura

While Florida has a good weather for most of the year, it’s not immune to natural disasters such as strong hurricanes or tropical storms. The Hurricane Irma left more than $45 billion worth of damages with hundreds of residents left with no homes.

But what makes any disaster even more worrisome is the fact you may not be able to maximize your insurance policy. To ensure it doesn’t happen to you, work with a professional adjuster in Aventura.

Who Are We?

A public adjuster is the advocate you’re looking for when it comes to making the most of your insurance claims.

One of the biggest hassles for insurance policyholders is making a claim. Insurance companies have to protect their interests, and as such, they hire independent adjusters whose job is to look for ways to bring down the costs.

We function similarly only we work on your behalf. Our objective is to help you collect what’s due in the most legal and convenient way possible.

What We Offer

As your public adjuster in Aventura, we provide a wide range of services all geared toward a hassle-free insurance claim process:

  • Evaluation – We perform different assessments. First, we evaluate your existing policy, including terms and conditions. We are going to look for certain points that can be to your advantage. We also ensure your policy is within the rules mandated by both federal and state laws that govern such property insurance.
  • Appraisal – Much of the claim relies on the appraisal. This process ascertains the cost of damage and how much you need to rebuild or find a new property (in case the home is no longer ideal for habitation). Just as the insurance company performs its own appraisal, we’ll also do the same.
  • Evidence Collection – It is our duty to prove to the insurance company that we deserve the claim in accordance with the stipulations of the policy and appraisal, among others. In line with this, we’re going to help you gather evidence to strengthen your case.
  • Representation – We understand the stress the claims process can give, so we spare you from it by acting on your behalf or being with you throughout the journey.

Let us be your insurance advocate and spend less time worrying about claims and more time about your future plans. Call us today and get yourself a good representation from a public adjuster in Aventura. from FLAPA the trusted team of Public adjuster Miami.

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