Public Adjuster Houston Texas

if your house has been struck by hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas you might need to consult with a certified public adjuster in your Houston Texas metro area. FLA Public Adjusting has over 25 years representing clients that their houses has been damaged by water damage, Hurricanes, Mold Damage, storm and flood damage. We [...]

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Denied Claims

Has your insurance claim recently been denied? If so, you may find it interesting that out of all denied insurance claims, only 1% of policyholders request that their claims be re-evaluated. It seems that in times of dire need, an overwhelming majority of policyholders easily take ‘no’ for an answer. For example, when Hurricane [...]

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Income Loss

Safeguard Your Business Today Against Potential Disasters Tomorrow. You’ve put your blood, your sweat and your tears into your business. It’s your project baby. You’re proud of it. It provides for you and the employees who work tirelessly for you to keep the doors open.But what happens if there’s a structural fire in the [...]

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Restaurant Claims

Common Issues That Leave You Exposed to Restaurant Insurance Claims. With the presence of knives, cooking equipment, fire and other flammable products, restaurants aren’t exactly the safest places in the world. A report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in collaboration with the U.S. Fire Administration and National Fire Data Center, shows that in [...]

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Condo/Association Claims

Florida Public Adjusting helps Condo Association Presidents, Directors, and Project Managers manage their disaster related needs, enabling them to continue the workflow of the establishment. These needs typically range from damage mitigation supervision to claims processing. We understand that evaluation of damages, claims filing and processing can be a daunting set of tasks that [...]

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Business Claims

As business owners we understand the importance of having a business running smooth and efficiently. Unfortunately not everything is in our control and disasters strike in a moments notice. When disaster strikes whether caused by fire damage, water damage, or hurricane damage etc. It is important to have the proper representation handling your insurance [...]

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Commercial Claims

Florida Public Adjusting connects you with the right professionals, solving your claim problems as soon as possible. Although claims can be varied and unique, Florida Public Adjusting handles all claims, big or small. Our top priority is facilitating your return to a normal business flow. We take on the chaos and stress of the [...]

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Residential Claims

It is important to contact us at the as soon as possible in order to secure the highest settlement for your claim. Early communication helps mitigate any further damages to your property. Unmitigated damages may invalidate your claim. Due to insurance company time sensitive demands, early action is optimal. Apart from time pressures, there [...]

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