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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a Public Adjuster? +

    Insurance companies have insurance adjusters that work for them, whereas Public Adjusters work for you. Public Adjusters have dedicated themselves to understanding Insurance Company policies, as well as the ever-updating rules defining specific insurance terminology. Public Adjusters safeguard their clients from the stresses of the insurance company’s tedious demands. Public
  • How does Florida Public Adjusting help me? +

    Florida Public Adjusting determines the coverage applicable to your claim by itemizing, detailing and validating all damages, ensuring that you receive the compensation that you’re entitled to according to your insurance policy. In most cases, losses are a critically time sensitive matter and thus, it would be in the greatest
  • What are the DICE pages? +

    DICE is a mnemonic device for the first letter of each Insurance Policy page recommended to check for claim invalidation. It’s always a good idea to resort to the DICE pages for a complete understanding of where your claim stands. DICE stands for, respectively: Declarations page; Insuring Agreement page; Conditions
  • The damages occurred over a year ago, but I fixed it within the time frame given in my policy. Am I still eligible? +

    Yes, mitigating damages as soon as possible will help preserve your eligibility for compensation. Call us now for a free inspection and we will make sure you get the highest settlement for your damages.
  • The damages occurred over a year ago, but I fixed it within the time frame given in my policy but switched to another insurance company. Can I still file my claim? +

    Yes, we can file a claim although you have switched insurance companies so long as you fixed the damages within the time frame given. Mitigating damages is a very important factor for compensation.
  • My claim was denied, what do I do? +

    If your claim was denied, we will review your claim and advise on its validity.
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