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Water Damage Claim:

Water Damage - FLAPAWater damage can strike just about anywhere, and at any time. As a Florida property owner, there are many different types of water damage you can encounter, including:

  • Frozen pipes leaking or bursting
  • Refrigeration appliance leaks
  • Sewage overflow or backup
  • Roof leak where rain, snow, or other precipitation has entered
  • General plumbing mishaps

Water damage can be quite common, and will ruin wood fixtures, electronics, flooring, carpet, furniture, baseboards, finishings, and bedding. Losses due to water exposure are in fact so prevalent that the insurance industry has reported them to be the most frequent claim type they see. Here is a list of common water damage claims, per insurance company reports:

  • Leaks due to roof and/or shingle damage
  • Ceiling damage
  • Water heater bursts
  • Broken drain lines
  • Broken supply lines
  • Broken angle stops
  • A/C Unit leaking

Given the age of properties in Miami Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach, it is common for residential and commercial property owners to run into these problems. Water damage-related claims add up to millions of dollars each year in recoverable funds, and as a property owner, you should never pay out of pocket for damages covered under your insurance policy.

The First Steps to Take

When you’ve experienced water damage, it’s important to act fast and take the proper steps:

  • First, you’ll want to quickly dry out and remove anything that’s unsalvageable to prevent any further damage such as mold.
  • If water is coming from a supply line, shut off the main valve and steer clear of any water that many have come in contact with electrical equipment.
  • Take as many pictures as you can, and use a video recorder to capture footage.
  • Call a Florida Public Adjuster Immediately for an On-Site Inspection

As mentioned above, you should immediately contact an experienced Florida public adjuster like FLAPA – ideally within 12-24 hours – to first inspect your property for free. Our Miami, Florida-area public adjusters can help identify the source of the water damage such as a leak, as we work in conjunction with plumbers, electricians, A/C technicians, mitigation companies, water restoration companies, mold experts and other professionals experienced in mitigating the damages. 

Then, we’ll guide you through the insurance claim process, as the policy language can be notoriously technical and confusing. Always make sure to save all necessary documentation related to your loss including plumber invoices, hangman receipts, restoration company invoices etc.

Why You Need a Florida Public Adjuster

A public adjuster like FLAPA works for you, NOT the insurance company, and will work to get you the largest possible insurance reimbursement for repairing your property. The insurance company also has experienced adjusters who’ll visit your property to do a damage assessment, but they’re generally looking to pay out as little as possible. The reality is, they’re looking out for the insurance company’s interests, and what they can save in payouts adds to their overall bottom line. Your own Florida public adjuster looks out for your best interests to ensure maximum compensation towards your repair.

Why You Should Choose FLAPA

As you’re likely inexperienced in navigating the many technicalities of a water damage insurance claim, you definitely shouldn’t try to do battle with the insurance company on your own. Enlist the aid of a Florida Public Adjuster like FLAPA, and you’ll be arming yourself with the knowledge and experience of a NAPIA-certified professional who handles hundreds of similar cases each year.

You’ve got enough to deal with when coping with the stress of your water damaged property. Leave the heavy lifting to, someone you know is on your side, and rest assured that you’ll get the maximum compensation allowed to repair your property so things get back to normal quickly. Remember, no damage is too big or too small to file an insurance claim. Contract FLAPA now for water damage insurance claim help.

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