Being a property owner in Florida means you have to be prepared to deal with the possibility of sinkholes. There is more sinkhole activity present in Florida than every other state in the U.S., and they can seriously damage or destroy your property. Thus, it’s critical that you include sinkhole insurance in your property’s [...]

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Theft and Vandalism

Regardless of any stolen or damaged property, a burglary or home invasion results in heartache and stressful feelings for homeowners and renters. Our public adjusters take every cautionary step to make you feel safe again while on the road to financial recovery. Steps to Theft and Vandalism Recovery Call the police – Immediately after [...]

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Business Interruption

During times of disaster, some damages can be so severe as to prevent your business from continuing its services, causing business interruption. Business Interruption insurance helps cover the costs of dealing with interruptions caused by something as simple as a broken and leaking dishwasher, to full-blown fire and smoke damage that has cripple your [...]

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Fire Damage

Fire damage claims range from small scale fires such as kitchen fires to entirely burned down structures or worse. It’s not a simple task to mitigate damages caused by fire due to carbon monoxide traveling through the air. Carbon monoxide is an odorless but toxic gas that pollutes the air and can damage the [...]

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Lightning Damage

Lightning Damage A lightning strike is an electric discharge on a massive scale between the atmosphere and an earth-bound object. A lightning strike can be very costly since it can cause fire damage, electrical damage, plumbing damage and structural damage. You can protect your home safe by installing surge protectors, service panel suppressors.If you [...]

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Smoke Damage

It is important to contact us at the as soon as possible in order to secure the highest settlement for your claim. Early communication helps mitigate any further damages to your property. Unmitigated damages may invalidate your claim. Due to insurance company time sensitive demands, early action is optimal. Apart from time pressures, there is [...]

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Hurricane and Windstorm Damage

Tropical windstorms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricane and floods, in Florida you’re bound to run into mother nature’s fury. It’s a well-known fact that Florida’s tropical climate and its proximity to water makes for seasonal disaster; hurricane season. As a home owner, hurricane damage is the greatest threat to your safety and the stability of your [...]

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Storm Damage

Property owners in Florida generally love the idyllic climate of the Sunshine State, but with it comes the potential for wild weather and destructive tropical storms. Storm damage can come in many forms, with the following being the most common: Tornados Torrential rain Hurricanes Hail storms High winds The type of property damage that [...]

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Mold Damage

Mold simply requires moisture to grow. Florida’s humid climate is the perfect environment for mold not only to grow, but thrive. This can really be a problem for homeowners and property owners in general, especially during hurricane season. Dark and damp corners as well as surrounding areas are areas vulnerable to mold growth, as well [...]

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Flood Damage

Flood damage can devastate a property, and is generally one of the most costly damage types a property owner will face. A flood is loosely defined as “an excess of rising water on land that is normally dry.” The most common causes of flood that can damage a property include: Heavy rains Thawing snow Storm [...]

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