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Filing for a Residential Property? Let Public Adjusters Make Things Easier

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Insurance statistics in the wake of Irma tells everybody quite a tragic story. We are not just talking about the lost lives and damaged property, but about the needed insurance payouts in light of the tragedy.

For residential property claims, there are 294,521 claims of which only 11,311 are closed. That is only 3.8 percent of all claims that are closed.

Upon further research, the numbers are actually more tragic. The closed claims actually account for both paid and rejected claims. 4,624 are denied, which is 40 percent of all claims.

Can you imagine waiting for months for the insurance payout, only receiving a letter saying that it was denied?

That is why a Public Adjuster Palm Beach, Florida can really help you. Filing for a residential property claim can very much feel like going through a labyrinthine maze and the problems that you are tackling can make this difficult process much harder than it needs to be.

Another skill that public adjusters offer is expertise on getting the details accurately and quickly. This is immensely important for claim payouts. Why? This is due to what insurance companies are looking for in a claim. While contractors can give accurate estimates as to the cost of damage, they will need a more specialized estimation, since insurance jargon and policy terms can have special requirements for one cost to be covered, and how general contractors may miss that.

A Public Adjuster Palm Beach not only would be able to get you higher payouts, but also a faster processing time. Florida Public Adjusting has a proven track record of 25 years and has recovered millions of dollars for their clients. They are a friendly and personable team who will advocate for your rights against an unjustly denied or an underpaid claim. Contact us for a free inspection, and we will not get paid until you do.

Public Adjuster Palm Beach