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I think we can all agree on this: it is essential to have an excellent public adjuster in Miami. A good public adjuster in Miami can make your insurance claim 90% better.

In the next article, you are going to learn why you need a public adjuster ASAP.

There are great reasons to buy property in the city of Miami such as its enviable subtropical weather, beautiful beaches, and its strategic location between Latin America and Europe. However, the reality is that your investment is vulnerable to property damage in the city since hurricanes often pass through it. If you have a property in Miami or if you’re thinking about getting one, having property insurance is a must because it is the most likely city in the world to be struck by a hurricane.

Even if you have property insurance, you still need a public adjuster.  A public adjuster handles your claims and represents your interest as a policyholder, working on your behalf throughout every aspect of the claim process, with the goal of getting the most favorable claim settlement. Since insurance policies are complicated legal documents and filing a claim requires a considerable amount of documentation, professional assistance is extremely beneficial.

Here are some helpful guidelines on how to choose a public adjuster in Miami:

  1. Choose experts who know your rights as a policyholder.

These experts can stand up for your rights when you experience a loss or damage to your home or business. Some of the best public adjusters have comprehensive knowledge of property damage and employ innovative and cost-effective methods to make a legitimate claim.

  1. Do your research and make sure that you hire someone who is seasoned and well-experienced in the field.

Check if the public adjuster is an upstanding member of a legitimate group such as United Policyholders of America, National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA), and Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND). These agencies usually have strict standards that members should uphold. Public adjusters should also be able to abide by these organizations’ codes of ethics.

  1. Check if they are licensed by the State and if they are obeying the law.

You can always confirm whether your public adjuster is licensed by the State of Florida by checking online. When they are licensed, it means that they have met the requirement of the State for practicing the profession.

As a property owner, you can contact a public adjuster immediately if you think that their help will be beneficial to your claim.  However, it is illegal for a public adjuster to be contacting you until 2 days or 48 hours after you have suffered a loss of damage to your property.

  1. Be wary of those who pressure you into making a decision.

Although it is advisable to get an adjuster during the early part of the insurance claims process, be wary of people who rush you into making a quick decision.

  1. Make sure you will get assistance in various areas of the process.

The public adjuster should be able to help the property owner/policyholder through various areas of the claims process such as property appraisal, insurance assessment, and representation. A property appraisal is done because it is helpful in calculating the claim.  A thorough assessment of the insurance policy is done to ensure that the policyholder has the best fighting chance to make a claim.  Many public adjusters also represent their clients as they face their insurance company.

  1. Check references and visit the company’s website

It does not hurt to always request for references before working with a public adjuster.  By getting testimonials from satisfied past clients, you will at least gauge their credibility and their success records. All legitimate public adjusters have a working website, so always check their website.

  1. They should have proper documentation and thorough value assessment

Insurance companies always ask for a lot of photographic evidence and notes to show every part of the property damage. The best public adjuster will assist in compiling a comprehensive portfolio to provide sufficient evidence that is acceptable to the insurance company.

When you file an insurance claim, it entails a lot of work.  Make sure that you choose the best public adjuster in Miami. Doing so will make the process easier for you and your family.

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Public Adjuster Miami