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The A-Z of Public Adjusters In Florida

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Florida has seen a few hurricanes, the latest being Irma. Hurricanes not only cause loss of life in some places, but they also result in untold damage. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, then naturally you want to insure your house and all that is in it for when the storm hits.

If you are a victim of a flood, water damage or fire damage(or any other disaster leading to loss), you want to talk to one of the many Public Adjusters in Naples area before you even you get in touch with the insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies are usually only concerned with their profits. As much as they understand and appreciate that they have to compensate you, they want to part with as little as possible.

How Will A Public Adjuster Help?

A public adjuster is a sole advocate for the policyholder. When disaster strikes, the P.A will come in, assess and evaluate the damage to ensure that the insurance company pays you what you rightfully deserve. They will not only appraise the damage and negotiate the insurance loss claim, but they will also help in preparing all the documentation that you may need to present.

Thanks to experience gathered in the field, a public adjuster will advise you on the legality of a claim. They will only get all involved when they know that payment is guaranteed.  

Licensing And Obligations

Different states have governing bodies that set the requirements for public adjusters. A public adjuster in Florida for example, has authority to handle all claims (including those associated with health insurance) except life and annuities.

Public Adjusters in Fort Myers are allowed to practice in the State of Florida alone. Essentially, if you are a public adjuster in Tampa, you will be licensed to practice in Florida.

Public adjusters’ ultimate obligation is to protect the best interest of their clients. They should not, in any way, deny claims or low ball claims.


Public adjusters in Florida get paid when the client gets her compensation. They will undertake the project without a single payment and only claim their compensation (which will be a percentage of the total claim money received) after the insurance company has paid.

This mode of working makes them affordable and motivated, seeing as they have to recover as much as possible for their cut to be reasonable. A public adjuster knows that if they do not make the insurance company pay the claim, they will not get paid.

Why Florida Public Adjusting?

Florida Public Adjusting is committed to the best customer service and satisfaction & and when you work with us  – we make sure that no insurance company will take advantage of your sensitive case.

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