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Public Adjuster Myrtle Beach –

Hurricane Florence had left a major damage in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, National Hurricane Center said it had sustained winds of 90 mph, and a reported 11 deaths have been blamed on the storm. This type of storm has cause a severe damage to people and to properties, many homeowners are now facing Home damages from all types in Myrtle Beach. Here is Why you need to hire a Public Adjuster in Myrtle Beach?

Insurance companies try to minimize the settlement payment and this is why you need to hire a public adjuster in Myrtle Beach

Your Property Damages can be varied;

  1. Roof Leak Damages
  2. Windstorm Damages
  3. Water Damage
  4. Flood Damage
  5. Mold Damages
  6. Business Interuption

We are Public Adjusters that represent you – the insurance policy holders in Myrtle Beach. We are Public adjusters in Myrtle Beach that can help you file your insurance claim and represent you through the process.

Public Adjuster Myrtle Beach

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Call Florida Public Adjusting and have a full inspection and evaluation of all the damages at no cost.

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