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Florida Public Adjuster – the effects of Hurricane Irma

florida public adjuster

This topic is in the news every day since we recently suffered the effects of Hurricane Irma.  So many people have been devastated by damages, and some even lost most or all of their possessions.  That is why Florida Public Adjusters are here to help you.  It is our job to help you and your neighbors recover from this tragedy and start to rebuild your home and life.  We want to tell you what we do, who we are and most of all how we can help you through this.  Our advice is based on our professional knowledge and years of experience.

Many people think the way to get started is with their insurance company, but actually hiring a Public Adjuster Florida team of experts.

Florida Public Adjusting can be a much faster and easier process.  To make it easier for you to understand, read this article in our site.

Whether you have water damage, structural damage or other concerns, Florida’s Public Adjusters have the historic knowledge to get you through this event. Your insurance company’s insurance claim list may already have decided how much your damage is worth, but our company will negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get what you deserve.  Not only we will include an Income Loss Claim, but we will provide and file the appropriate documents with your insurance carrier to satisfy their insurance claim list, saving you time and worry.

Finding an Adjuster

The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters art at http://www.napia.com or the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters at https://www.fapia.net.  Both of these organizations expect their members to adhere to a code of conduct and ethical standards.  Any company that does not follow these guidelines can be sanctioned or expelled.  You can also check any Public Adjuster, Florida with the Better Business Bureau and all are regulated by the state of Florida.  Do your due diligence in making sure any company you are dealing with is properly licensed and regulated.  Ask neighbors for recommendations.

Water Damage

As you may have recently been made aware, water damage can be devastating. There are many different types of damage, and each may have specific criteria to consider.  In order to understand more about this, please go to our website and under Claim Types at the top of the page, click on Water Damage to find more specific information.  We will give you guidelines to get this process started and will be with you every step of the way.  

On our website, you can review the top line subjects and their categories.  We want you to be informed and prepared.  We do not get paid until our clients get paid.  We work for you, not the insurance company. Our site has a wealth of information available for you.  We truly hope you never need us, but in case you call us now at (305) 542-5999

florida public adjuster