Residential & Commercial Property Insurance Claims

Do You Need A Public Adjuster In Miami?

Public Adjuster Miami

As a group of Miami Public Adjusters, we know only too well what disaster does to families. We also know that insurance companies have nothing but their interests at heart. If you let them get away with it, they will only part with the least amount possible. Why should you suffer a loss when you paid your premiums faithfully?

What We Really Do

We’ve built a strong team that specializes in various aspects of insurance compensation. Our first and only focus is on getting you the compensation you deserve, which is why we only get paid when you do. We know too well that time is of the essence, seeing as the Statute of Limitations in Miami will lock you out if you take too much to follow up with the insurance company.

As soon as you bring us on board, we evaluate your loss, which is why we insist on being there as soon as the damage happens. After evaluation, we open the claim process with the insurance company. You won’t lift a finger since we will do all the legwork.

What We Cover

Our team is diverse, with each of us being excellent in their area of expertise. Whether your loss is a result of a fire, a hurricane, leaking pipes, vandalism, theft, or even medical malpractice, we will take the case up and push the insurance to pay what you deserve. We are certified by the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA), and so everything we do is legit.

Why Choose Us?

The insurance company will always provide an independent adjuster, but there is a catch. That adjuster will work indirectly work for the insurance company. They will not be objective as their allegiance will be with the paying company. In the end, you will only get as much as the company wants to part with, as opposed to the full amount you deserve. With us, that will not be a concern. We will be loyal to you from the beginning and will not stop pushing until the insurance company pays the full amount.

If you need an accredited Public Adjuster Miami for residential purposes or in commercial property loss, get in touch right away so that we can help you get your life back on track expediently. We will evaluate, consult, and do the paperwork on your behalf to take the stress from you. Don’t wait too long. Remember the Statute of Limitations.

Public Adjuster Miami